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Re: hot PCF

Again, I thank Scott, Tom, and Bill (forgive me if I
left anyone out!) for their help with my hot PCF unit.
I also talked by phone with Kim from AH Supply.  All
of you were very helpful.  

My tank is located to the left of an old bunk bed, the
top of which I mounted a 2'x 2' but very powerful room
fan, which, when placed on the top bunk, is roughly
level with the lights.  Yesterday I placed the fan so
that it was blowing away from the tank.  No change. 
Today I turned it up full blast and pointed it at the
tank.  The temperature is now 6 F lower at 78F, right
where I want it.  This may be a temporary solution if
the electric bill skyrockets.  

If so, I will install the optional end vents.  I will
try wiring in a fan per reccomendations if that
doesn't work. 

Thanks for all the help, Cavan   

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