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Re: Cracked glass tops

"My local glass shop reccomends 3/16" tempered glass for all aquraium
tops. They 
tell me that this can handle 425 degrees F with no problem at all. "

I have had glass shops tell me the same thing.  One even wanted to sell
me heat resistant (borosilicate) glass.  All this stuff is pretty
expensive compared to regular glass.  At one shop where I went looking
for "tempered or heat resistant glass" they were curious at the odd
dimensions I gave, a couple of feet long by only a few inches wide.  So
I told them what it was for.  The guy just looked at me like I nuts. 
He said regular glass would work just fine and costs much less.  He
added, "if the plain glass cracks, I'll replace it with heat resistant
glass for free."  After two years, no cracks.

Scott H.

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