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low range nitrate kits


I used to have the SeaTest nitrate kit.  It's a relatively inexpensive
kit, but I can't remember exactly what it cost.  The kit uses two
powdered reagents in foil packets.  With their instructions the kit
measures NO3-N in two ranges; either 0-1 ppm or 0-10 ppm.  The test uses
a 5-step, solid plastic color standard that is held in a slot next to
the test vial.  As NO3 those ranges are 0-4.4 and 0-44.  In either range
I found it hard to read the test when conditions were near the top of
the range.

SeaTest markets the kit mostly for use in reefs.  I think it works just
as well in freshwater, but I haven't confirmed that with SeaTest.

Roger Miller