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Discus, Angels and the planted tank

Finally got around to reading George Booth's article on discus in the latest
PAM.  Great article George.  I  have a few questions, as usual, though.  I
have been toying with the idea of either angels or discus for my 92.  It
currently has the standard workers (SAE's, ottos, Amano shrimp, MTS's,
ramshorns), cardinal tetras, a zebra pleco and furcatas. I miss having
cichlids. I have never tried angels or discus and I know from your website
you have kept both.  From what I have read, it appears that even raising the
angels or discus up from juveniles to adults with the aforementioned
neighbors often results in the cichlids munching on everyone else as soon as
they can get them in their mouths.  Sounds like cichlids alright. It also
seems like I remember you mentioning getting rid of the angels but didn't
say why.  Did you have problems with them?  I guess I am trying to determine
which to try.  Plus, it is a royal pain to catch anything in this tank once
it is loose!!

As a side note, I know discus are timid and I do have MH.  There is quite a
bit of open area as well with glosso, etc.

Thanks as always.