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Re: Amano Shrimp

The markup on these critters is ridiculous. I suggest a boycott. If you run
your tank correctly, there is little need for this, or any other type of
algae eater. Same goes for SAEs, IMO. That said, I've had a few shrimp and
they are interesting creatures to watch. Sorta like the "squidies" in The
Matrix. I still think that adding more bioload to deal with the symptom
(algae) of an inherent nutrient problem is just a death spiral into failure.
If you ramp up every nutrient input except phosphates, you can keep a
relatively algae-free tank without paying exorbitant prices for shrimps,
cables, majic elixir snake oils, bizarre electrical devices and other
unnecessary voodoo poopoo.

IMO, etcetera, your lawyer can contact my.....no wait, your lawyer can just