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Re: Sudden SAE death!!!

I have been getting them from http://www.aquariumfish.net. They still have
them listed for $2.50/each. My last order recieve about 80-90% of them
alive , but that is considering the fact that it was stuck in the post
office an extra day. The are very small (about 1-1.5"), but grow to 2-2.5"
fairly quickly.

You need to use their search tool to find the SAEs since they don't seem to
list them on their regular pages.


>Waaah...  I love those SAE.  And they are gol-darn expensive since I can't
>buy them locally.  I don't see them at Uncle Ned's, which is where I have
>always bought them in the past - does anyone have a mailorder source they
>recommend?  (Or a store local to central NJ?)  
>Any advice/suggestions/stores would be highly appreciated,

Waveform Technology
UNIX Systems Administrator