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Flourite, Profile, Clay Soil Conditioner, Turface

If, as Robert H. suggested and Greg Morin confirmed, Flourite is a naturally
occurring material (made by God, not by man),  then I guess quite a number
of my assumptions about it might be misplaced - i.e it's family resemblance
to Profile, Turface et al.

If it isn't subjected to firing at high temperatures in a kiln, the
nutrients in it might be a lot more bioavailable than I earlier thought.
From the material I have found on the web concerning Profile and Turface and
similar man-made products, the process of high temperature firing probably
locks any minerals in the native clay into a ceramic matrix that plants
aren't likely to be able to access - thus the need for adding extra
nutrients to substrates using these types of products. If Flourite isn't
subject to those kinds of temperatures, it probably doesn't have the same
limitations, and more of the minerals in it could be used by plants.

See, even an old dog can learn new things here......<g>

James Purchase