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Flourish Trace, what's the point?

>Just out of curiosity, what is the purpose of this
>stuff?  Isn't trace element supplimentation what
>Flourish is for?  I don't get it.  Maybe Dr Morin can

Flourish provides trace nutrients (vitamins, amino acids) as well as 
some trace minerals. However, for the same reason we came out with 
Flourish Iron, we have now come out with Flourish Trace. Chemical 
precipitation can lead to loss of these minerals from the water 
column, sometimes sooner than the other components of Flourish are 
utilized at the natural pace of the plants. By separating the 
minerals out into a separate product (not to worry, Flourish is still 
the same, we have not removed the minerals from it) one can dose it 
on a more frequent basis than the Flourish without worrying about a 
build up of the more slowly used components. It can be used alone or 
in conjuction with Flourish.

The ratios and amounts of trace elements in Flourish Trace are based 
in part on the research done by Diana Walstad as presented in her 
book "Ecology of the Natural Aquarium." By stating this I do not mean 
to imply that Diana Walstad endorses this product in any way. And 
that doesn't mean she doesn't endorse it either ;-) It simply means I 
don't know what her opinion is of the product, if she even has one at 

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