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Re: Flourite, Profile, Clay Soil Conditioner, Turface

James, I believe Florite was "fired," albeit not in a kiln but by way of 
natural geologic processes.

To my once-a-geology-major-eyes, Flourite is a sedimentary shale of some 
kind.  It got the way it is because it was squeezed together by the weight 
of rocks built up on to of it.  The pressure would have also heated it up 
and cooked it somewhat, but not to the point of melting or even substantial 
recrystallization.  I would hazard to guess the temperature might have been 
as high as 800-900 deg F.

(If the pressure and heat were higher, we would have a metamorphic rock, 
with a greater degree of recrystallization of the orginal minerals, and if 
even higher, igneous.  I would hypothesize, as I think you do, that the more 
the original constitutents are cooked, the more inert the resulting mineral 
forms and the less and bio-available its elements will be).

Chin See Ming
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