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Re: sinking fertilizer

> great. My deduction would be that since there is no circulation of water
> the day, all the liquid fertilizer would gather into the substrate and
> therefore the stem plants absorbed very little nutrients through their
> leaves? Advice needed again. Thanks.

I have a 1/2 gallon goldfish bowl - no fish, just shultz and sagitaria, and
I can definately tell you that flourish will sink right to the bottom
without some circulation - I add a few drops periodically, and it makes a
'smoke ring' on its way to the bottom, then hits the bottom and kinda
spreads out, but doesn't really dissolve.
Fortunately, in this tank, I add CO2 via an airline tube and my breath, so
this works wonderfully for dissolving the fert.
I take it you have NO circulation of any kind on this tank?  Why not add a
small powerhead like a rio pump or something to add some circulation - not
only will this dissolve the fertilizer into the water, but it will prevent
the water from getting nutrient dead spots right around the leaves as I
assume could happen with no water circulation, other than the convection
currents from the heater...

Derek Johnson
djohnson1981 at yahoo_com
my fish - www.geocities.com/djohnson1981