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Re: Flourite's best deal around

I previously wrote:
>As far as I can tell...(and here I hope that Dr. Greg Morin from Seachem
>will jump in and correct any mistakes I might make)

Dr. Morin (Greg) replied:
"All I will do is to interject here that Flourite is indeed a natural
gravel that is mined. We do process it (screen it, wash it, etc) to
ensure product quality, uniformity in size, color distribution etc."

Thanks for the clarification Greg. Whether mined or manufactured, its still
the nicest aquarium substrate I've ever come across. I know I've suggested
it before, but it seems worth suggesting again.....

Since Flourite is "a natural gravel that is mined", what about making it
available in both larger and smaller particle size, for example "Flourite
Sand" and "Flourite Pebbles" (or possibly "Flourite Rocks")??? When
aquascaping an aquarium, especially a larger tank, it can be quite helpful
and visually appealing to be able to have different grades (particle sizes)
of substrate in differnet areas, or for planting different types of plants.
For example, low carpet type plants in the foreground would tend to grow
better and look better growing in a finer grained substrate. Similarly, a
stand of Cryptocoryne crispatula Engler var. balansae might look even more
stunning if there are larger "pebbles" matching the colour, tone and texture
of the main substrate strewn around the base of the plants. And rockwork in
an aquarium is always more effective when it is composed of the same mineral
(again, colour, tone and texture) as the substrate.

ADA does this (or at least, they did do it at one time) with different
grades of their Aqua Soil.

James Purchase