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Re: Brown Algae! Please Help!

Arthit <arthitp at ksc_th.com> wrote:
> Subject: Brown Algae! Please Help!
> I've got into trouble with algae. I've set up a new 25 gallon heavily
> planted tank and it's been running for 2 weeks now. Everything went well
> during the first week. Until recently I noticed a brown film (which I
> assume it is algae) on the leaves of my Anubias nana and on the glass. I
> added fish on the 10th day and it includes :-
> 15 Cardinal Tetras, 3 SAE's, 1 Yellow Puffer, 2 Yamato Shrimps
> I turn on the light (3*18 watts fluorescent aqautic tubes) for 9 1/2 hours
> a day and feed the fsh twice. I changed the water every 3 days.


Brown algae (diatoms) isn't that big of a problem. Otos should 
restore your luster in under a week. I've seen the little fellows really 
do a number on some thick brown algae. They actually leave a 
clean swipe behind them as they 'vacuum'. 

Also, brown algae may be a sign of too little light, but I believe it's 
the new setup that caused your bloom. It runs it's course and 
usually disappears with a few months on it's on, but the Otos are 
quick and effective. Run the lights (on a timer) for 12 on/12 off and 
don't feed but once a day, and sparingly then. It's awlful hard to 
starve a fish. The Otos should help, so I would also cut back on the 
water changes. 25% every week or two should be more than 
sufficient with your light fish load (a lot lighter than mine!) The 
plants will absorb any nutrients that hang around, especially since 
you've heavily planted it.

Jamie    <"\\\><
Greenwood, SC