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Brown Algae! Please Help!

I've got into trouble with algae. I've set up a new 25 gallon heavily
planted tank and it's been running for 2 weeks now. Everything went well
during the first week. Until recently I noticed a brown film (which I
assume it is algae) on the leaves of my Anubias nana and on the glass. I
added fish on the 10th day and it includes :-
15 Cardinal Tetras
3 SAE's
1 Yellow Puffer
2 Yamato Shrimps

I turn on the light (3*18 watts fluorescent aqautic tubes) for 9 1/2 hours
a day and feed the fsh twice. I changed the water every 3 days.

Would anyone please tell me how to deal with these annoying algae?
Arthit Prasartkul
38/4 Sukhumvit 15
Bangkok 10110