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Re: Brown Algae! Please Help!

Otocinclus like diatoms. That is what the brown algae is. So get a crew of 
them in there, and put 'em to work. 

Also, it usually appears immediately, I believe from my experience, from 
sediments in the water from adding the gravel. (Silica, if it's natural river 
gravel).  Water changes, water changes, cleaning and months down the line it 
was still there. I believe there was way too much of the silicate in the 
water to be reduced by water changes. I added a phosphate/silicate remover to 
my filter media and it vanished for good. (Without the benefit of the otos). 
I think I used Kent phosphate sponge. There are a number of products out 
there. Once phosphates are removed, these products will remove silicates. 


>  I've got into trouble with algae. I've set up a new 25 gallon heavily
>  planted tank and it's been running for 2 weeks now. Everything went well
>  during the first week. Until recently I noticed a brown film (which I
>  assume it is algae) on the leaves of my Anubias nana and on the glass. I
>  added fish on the 10th day and it includes :-
>  15 Cardinal Tetras
>  3 SAE's
>  1 Yellow Puffer
>  2 Yamato Shrimps
>  I turn on the light (3*18 watts fluorescent aqautic tubes) for 9 1/2 hours
>  a day and feed the fsh twice. I changed the water every 3 days.
>  Would anyone please tell me how to deal with these annoying algae?