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Questions on Under Gravel Heat systems

Does anyone have experience with or information on the under gravel heat
systems sold by Marine Monsters or Pet Warehouse? Both systems appear to
operate straight from line (115VAC) voltage.  I have some faith that they
are safe but I can't help being concerned about potential shock hazards.  We
already have powerheads and standard heaters so there is a precedent but
neither of these are buried in the substrate.

Pet Warehouse  sells a 100 watt 47' cable heater for $155.  It "appears" to
have some sort of temperature limiter built into the cable.

Monolith Marine Monsters has a 300 watt 58' model for $59.  This appears to
be a straight cable. I have a temperature controller and the price is right!

I am setting up a 180 gallon tank, 72" x 24 ", so I would need two of the
Pet Warehouse systems  or one of the MMM systems.

Lyndle Schenck