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Lindle Schenck wrote:
"A good second regulator to reduce CO2 pressure from the 40 PSI from the
primary regulator to a more manageable 0 - 15 PSIG is the ARO 127112-820."

I assume that by ARO, everyone means the ARO division of Ingersoll-Rand???
Unfortunately, this is one company whose web site fails to give much
detailed information about their products (it seems more concerned with
attracting investors than helping customers select a particular product).

Is this ARO 127112-820 a "line regulator" or some other type? I'd much
rather choose equipment based upon published specifications than on either
price alone or a salesman's pitch - he would have a vested interest and
might not understand our needs. Did the regulator you have come with any
sheet of specs that you could share with us? The output range is a valuable
piece of info, but there are a lot of other considerations to look at before
selecting an appropriate piece of equipment.


James Purchase