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Re: Questions on Under Gravel Heat systems

Lyndle asked about the cable heaters sold by M3 and Pet Warehouse.

M3 sells substrate heaters by AZOO. They operate off of mains voltage and
Edward makes it very clear that they should be plugged into a circuit which
has GFI protection (he even sells a GFI unit). I bought one of the systems +
controllers from him in the spring and haven't been electrocuted yet! As
usual, I received excellent advice and service from Edward when I was trying
to decide what I should buy and I'm more than happy with the unit that he
sold me.

Now, that being said.......summertime in an non-air-conditioned apartment is
not the correct time of year to assess how useful a substrate heater is.
Mine has rarely even switched itself on yet, but as the room temperature
drops below 80F with the approach of autumn, I expect that to change.

The cable itself was well made and came with enough holdfasts to keep it
buried securely (they are almost identical to the holdfasts from Dupla), and
the controller I got thru Edward was an Aqua Logic model which is widely
used among marine hobbyists.

I did look at the system sold by Pet Warehouse, and corresponded with them
about it. They are from Aquarium Landscapes (Fish Vet) and they are
grounded, while the AZOO models aren't, if safety is something you are
worried about. Shawn Prescott from Aquarium Landscapes is on the APD and I'm
sure that he could give you more info regarding them.

Good luck,

James Purchase