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Re: Arizona Aquatic Gardens?

Stuart writes:

<< Has anyone purchased plants from Arizona Aquatic Gardens
(www.azgardens.com)?  If so, any comments?  I'm going to heavily plant a
130g, so I'm getting ready to make quite an investment in plants-I can't
afford to buy poor quality plants.  Also, if you know of any other good
vendors let me know.  Any comments good or bad would be appreciated.
I have bought plants from them, and am a repeat customer.  I can vouch for 
the high quality and health of their plants.  There are also a good number of 
grower/venders on this list.  Just watch the sigs and you will find a couple 
of them easily.  I haven't bought from most of them, but I kow these people 
are in it for the hobby as well as their profit margins, or even in spite of 
their profit margins.  The only one I have gotten plants from is Robert H.  I 
was happy with these plants as well.  There are online stores that I will NOT 
re-order from, but I am going to leave them unnames, to avoid a flame war 
like the last one I started just by expressing my discontent in public.

Bob Dixon
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