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Re: Removing clown plecos from a plant tank

I've had pretty good luck with any kind of fish using this method.

Start by starving them for a couple days. Put the net in a good hour or two
before you plan to kidnap them, or should that be fishnap ;D Insert the
tasty morsel that they so favor into the net and wait. Be patient and you
will be rewarded with the fish of your choice actually doing the work for
you by entering the net. Be forewarned though, you get one and only one shot
at this, so make the swipe out of the tank count!


on 5/31/00 7:48 AM, Aquatic Plants Digest at Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com

>> Does anyone have suggestions on how to catch clown plecos in a heavily
>> planted tank?  I prefer solutions that fall short of dynamiting the tank
>> and then picking them up off the floor.