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Re: Removing clown plecos from a plant tank

Hmmm.  This is one of the things I hate most about keeping fish . . . trying 
to catch them!

One thing I found was helpful when trying to catch some speedy silver dollars 
when the tank was not too heavily planted was a tank divider. I cornered them 
on one side, tactically placed the tank divider, having pre-selected the 
optimum spot where it would do the least damage to any plants (and the best 
spot that be a little more easily cleared out) and lifted out some potential 
hiding places. I put a plastic bag down in the tank (filled with water, 
obviously), and even managed to chase a few fish into it, so that I didn't 
even have to net them. I don't always use this method, and usually regret it, 
as I wind up damaging & tear up more when I don't . . . and take lots more 

Since those clown plecs stay on the bottom, you might have a little more of a 
challenge because they don't swim up in the water column much, and scamper 
really fast along the bottom.

The fish trapping idea seems a little possible, though some container other 
than a 2 liter bottle . . .my clown plec seems to like to hide under 
driftwood, and stay well hidden. Trying to lure them in with treats they like 
best (like your echinodorus rose?), and/or a  nice solid chunk of driftwood.

Good luck,


>  Folks,
>  Does anyone have suggestions on how to catch clown plecos in a heavily
>  planted tank?  I prefer solutions that fall short of dynamiting the tank
>  and then picking them up off the floor.
>  Roger Miller