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Good algae eaters for Betta edithae tank

In a large 120x45x90cm tank I have the following fish 4 B edithae, 3 stripe 
croaking gouramies, C lalia Kosi R sp, C sota Emerald Green Ganges R sp. 
Additionally I have 20 shrimp consisting of  Yamato Numa Ebi, Moh Ebi, Suji 
Ebi and Iwa Ebi. The Yamato and Suji Ebi are algae eaters and the other 2 
species are substrate sifters. I had some SAE's, very common in Japan, but 
gave them away as they upset the labyrinths too much. I need a suitable 
algae eater for this tank as my plants are being overrun and am open to 
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