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RE: Shipping live Plants to Canada

Chuck Gadd asked:

>Can anyone provide any info/tips regarding shipping plants into and
>out of Canada?

>First, legally what is needed?

I had replied:

> >Good luck...... you are going to need it..... the Canadian
> Government is a
> >master with red tape....and Customs Inspectors at the borders take their
> >jobs very seriously. Make sure that every "i" is dotted, every "t" is
> >crossed, and all paperwork is fully and completely filled out.
> Failure to do
> >so will probably result in the plants being seized and destroyed.

Richard Sexton advises:

> On the other hand if you don't make them live plants
> and they're in a small package they seem to slip right
> though so I've heard.

I assume that "make" is a typo, and should be "mark". Go re-read the
original post Richard...... the question was how to do it LEGALLY. It would
certainly be possible to have a small unmarked packet of material slip past
inspectors, but it's not guaranteed, and its not legal. The consequences of
getting caught would of course vary, depending upon which "plant material"
is being slipped into the country. I don't imagine that anyone would throw
the book at you for a few exotic Crypts, but I wouldn't recommend it. Should
the small packet get opened for inspection, and the proper documentation is
not present and in proper order, Crypt Melt would be the least of your
shipment's worries.

I believe the "system" assumes that most people are honest. The rules may
seem cumbersome, but they are there for a reason, and that is NOT to
maintain the employment of a raft of civil servants.

James Purchase