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Re: Arizona Aquatic Gardens

I can't really complain about them. Most of my order looked pretty good. They 
generally throw in a few extra of this and that. Peter is friendly and 
helpful, if you're not sure what you're looking for, or you have questions. I 
specifically asked about a few crypts, and he told me which ones looked 
better. I got some great looking retrospiralis. Come to think of it, both 
times I ordered from them I got beautiful crypts. Loose valisnerias (both 
times I ordered) were not great (they're still floating in the tank, 
attempting to grow good leaves and root). I'm much happier with the potted 
tennelus I got this time than loose last time (they never really took off).

BTW, there is an appreciable amount of new growth on the heteranthera 
zosterfolia, and a small, almost microscopic amount, on the rotala macranda. 

I am placing another order with a budding company, more local (and east 
coast). This would limit shipping time (a definite plus). I'll post results . 
. .


<< I was wondering who else has ordered from Arizona Aquatic Gardens.  All 
 heard is one fairly negative response, and one really good response.  They 
 have all the plants I want for very reasonable prices, so I was thinking 
 about placing an order from them in a week or so.  What are everyone's 
 opinions of them? >>