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Pets.Com coupon

thanks to the people who posted the information.  however, i must say that 
pets.com website s*cks majorly.  they could not process my order, in spite of 
my 5 tries.  there was always a problem or another, and finally, i gave up 
when i repeatedly got a message that the processor declined my credit card.  
(there's absolutely *nothing* wrong with my credit, that's one thing i'm 
sure).  i called them but the customer rep could only tell me to try it again 
later.  they could not take my order over the phone.  this was this 
afternoon.  i just tried it again tonight.  same problem, they could not 
process my order.  i ended up ordering it with the check payment option, in 
order to take advantage of the $20 coupon.  i'll be mailing them a check 
tomorrow, but based on my experience this time, i doubt i'll be buying from 
them again.

tsuh yang chen, nyc, USA