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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #135

In response to quality of service from mail order plant suppliers.
Just read several posting about AquaBotanic.  My service from AZ Gardens has 
been similar.  I made an order and received my shipment.  Some plants 
weren't available and not shipped.  GOOD.  The Lace plant I received the 
best plant I have ever had.  Still growing a year later.  So Apon bulbs 
were: some good, some misnamed, and some dead.

I called and made a second order.  I was told they don't garantee plants, 
but he went ahead and sent some more bulbs to replace the dead ones I 
received.  The replacement bulbs must have been from the same batch as they 
were also dead.  I ordered another lace and it was a mislabeled, dead, runt 
bulb.  Most the rest of my order was dying plants,  most of which did not 
survive.  To make matters worse the order was sent to my work address and 
almost got me fired, after I had specifically given hime the correct address 
to mail to and confirmed the address with them.  I will never order from AZ 

It sounds like all mail order sources are a crap shoot.  I have decided to 
spend more money and get it at my LFS.  I least I can tell if the plant is 
dead or alive or mislabeled.

Has anyone had consistenly good results from a mail (email) supplier?

Neil Shewmaker

*  R. N. Shewmaker
*  email address:  shewmaker at hotmail_com

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