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Re: Arizona Aquatic Gardens

Katie writes:

> I was wondering who else has ordered from Arizona Aquatic Gardens.  All 
>  heard is one fairly negative response, and one really good response.  They 
>  have all the plants I want for very reasonable prices, so I was thinking 
>  about placing an order from them in a week or so.  What are everyone's 
>  opinions of them?

Lots of us on the list have, and I have done so twice.  Usually complaints 
run along the line of "they didn't have something or other in stock, and 
didn't back-order it to me."  If you didn't get something, and they didn't 
charge you for it, that's a really minor irritation.  They have never been 
accused of charging someone for something they didn't send.  The vast 
majority of purchases go without a hitch.  This latest problem with Rotala 
seems to be a typical problem with it from any source.  

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator