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Re: Pinpoint monitor


I have the Ultra-Life Ph monitor and it did the 
same thing yours is doing. I called Ultra-Life
and they said to soak the tip of the Ph probe
in aquarium water for 24 hours, then adjust it.
Mine worked fine after that. Also when ever your
lights, heater turn on and off the meter might
fluctuate then settle down. I was thinking of
putting some kind of suppresser in line with
the meter to stop this. Hope this helps.


>Recently as part of my CO2 injection system I purchased a Pinpoint Ph 
>monitor.  The first one I purchased would wildly put out nonsensical 
>readings.  After contacting the manufacture Iwas told that "the glass in 
>the probe had probably shattered and to return it for a new one".  The 
>second one arrived today and after going through a lengthy calibration 
>process my monitor was calibrated.  Now I have the monitor hooked up to the 
>aquarium testing the CO2 injection system and after five hours it can not 
>lock onto one or even two readings.   For example it "hunts" between  7.07 
>to 7.10 to 7.09 to 7.12.  It even does this with none CO2 injected 
>water.  Not the kind of accuracy I expected or need.

>Does anyone else on the list use this product?  Can you offer some insight 
>on what might be going on?  Is this "normal"?
>From Andrew Lester