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Re: Triton lamps

Wayne writes:

> I am wondering if the Triton lamps actually draw more current than a
>  lamp even though the nominal wattage is the same. Has anybody ever
>  the ballast input current when the ballast is driving a Triton lamp and
>  compared it to the current drawn by the same ballast when driving a CW
>  of the same nominal wattage. There are so many reports of Triton lamps
>  able to grow high light plants with quite low watts per gallon ratios
>  it is difficult to imagine it is not true. I would like to determine if
>  is due to an increased light output with this lamp because the lamp
>  draws more power or if it's from a very suitable spectrum or a highly
>  efficient lamp design.

Bob writes

The ballast controls the current, not the lamp.  It is just an efficient
design, that puts out more plant-useable light per watt of power.  I am
them on two tanks, and have recently discovered the Phillips Advantage 50.
Stacked next to other 40-watt bulbs it is like the sun next to a day-time
moon.  Same current and power.

Wayne replies

While it is true the ballast controls the current it does not control the
voltage across the lamp. I believe the voltage (and hence the power that the
lamp draws) is a function of the lamp design. I do know for sure that
certain lamps such as extended life lamps that are marked with the same
nominal wattage can draw more  wattage than a regular lamp. In fact I think
the Philips Advantage is an extended life lamp and I wouldn't be at all
suprised if it draws more wattage than a regular lamp. I bet if you look at
the specifications for that lamp you will see it produces more lumens than
the non extended life lamp even though they are both using the same
phosphor. So you cannot assume that all 40 watt lamps draw the same amount
of power even using the same ballast. Now maybe Triton lamps do only draw
the same number of watts as a CW lamp but without testing them I do not see
how anyone can know for sure. Only if they are the same would it would be
safe to say what you are saying and that is what I am trying to find out.