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Re: A Warning about Aquabotanic

I am glad this was posted when it did. I had been back and forth to this web 
site in the past week, and was thinking about placing an order.

This also brings up an issue I've been thinking of since the discussion on 
commercial presence here on APD. 

Would it be possible (and would it be permitted) to get a collective list of 
plant mail order companies, and experiences people have had with them? A 
point mentioned often about commercial presence was that it is beneficial for 
those new to the hobby, or those looking for a source, to easily find that 
here on the APD, by those businesses posting their url. It would be helpful 
if they could decide among many, depending on the plants they want, or 
prices, than just those frequently posting here. And we have a forum here, 
where we can share our negative, as well as positive experiences. Should we 
rely on the business to post a fair critique of their business on their web 
site. No, Aqua Botanic has many testimonials posted, and they're all positive 
(obviously). And unlike the lfs, we can't judge quality and customer service 
until it's too late.

I had a rather mixed experience with one company, and would like to know 
other's experience with them. They offer a large selection and relatively 
good prices, but, let's just say I wasn't overwhelmed by the quality of their 
plants, and hesitate to order from them again.

I've found a few other places from links on member's web sites but reluctant 
to order because of my experience. As I said, it might be helpful to get a 
cohesive list together and perhaps recommendations or criticisms by other 

Any ideas, suggestions?



<< This was posted on AquariaCentral, feel it should be posted here as well:
 I do not want to do this, but I feel it is only fair to the rest of you to 
do so. I dont want you to go through what I did in regards to the quality of 
AquaBotanic's plant.
 First, AquaBotanic loses my order. A month of waiting for plants prompted me 
to email RobertH. Apparently he lost the order...but the check was cashed, 
not long after I sent him my order. Eventually that was smoothed over and I 
recieved my plants.
 That is not the end of my problems, however. I open the box and there are 
the plants...from the look of things, they were not packaged properly. They 
were all in one pile, wrapped in newspaper, then in a garbage bag. Not 
separated to any degree. So i begin to separate...and I discover the 
Watersprite. Half of it was black/dead. Then the Aponogeton Ulvaceus. Not 
black, but looked like it was run over by a car...the Java Moss, also half 
dead. The Vals I ordered were missing and replaced by some other plant that 
definitely does not serve the same purpose as the Vals would have. Also, I 
was not notified that this substitution would occur. Also, the "Tenellus" 
that I ordered turned out to be Cuban Pygmy Chainsword which is broadleaf and 
does not give the grassy look that Tenellus would. Once again, AquaBotanic's 
 I emailed RobertH regarding this and he isnt going to do anything about it. 
In so many words he basically said "tough luck". And so, I will never order 
from AquaBotanic again. It is up to you if you would like to take your 
chances, I just thought that it was only fair to warn you of what you might 
 I would not be upset about this if he would replace the dead plants, or 
reimburse me. I even offered the send the plants back to him. Of course he 
wont do any of these things...IMO, AZ Gardens and the Aquarium Center's Plant 
Connection both have much better customer service. If you recieve damaged 
plants they replace them for you, I unfortunately cannot say the same for 
 Perhaps you will reply and say that you have recieved nice plants from 
Robert...if so, I am glad someone did.