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Re: Triton lamps

Wayne writes:

> I am wondering if the Triton lamps actually draw more current than a regular
>  lamp even though the nominal wattage is the same. Has anybody ever measured
>  the ballast input current when the ballast is driving a Triton lamp and
>  compared it to the current drawn by the same ballast when driving a CW lamp
>  of the same nominal wattage. There are so many reports of Triton lamps 
>  able to grow high light plants with quite low watts per gallon ratios that
>  it is difficult to imagine it is not true. I would like to determine if 
>  is due to an increased light output with this lamp because the lamp simply
>  draws more power or if it's from a very suitable spectrum or a highly
>  efficient lamp design.

The ballast controls the current, not the lamp.  It is just an efficient 
design, that puts out more plant-useable light per watt of power.  I am using 
them on two tanks, and have recently discovered the Pillips Advantage 50.  
Stacked next to other 40-watt bulbs it is like the sun next to a day-time 
moon.  Same current and power.

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator