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evil shrimps

I recently bought six "algae-eating, freshwater shrimp" from my LFS.
This is what the store calls them, and so I'm not even sure if they're
actual Amano-shrimp. A couple of hours after I installed them in my
tank, I found them, all six, feasting on the riccia like it was the
buffet at Ryan's Steakhouse (apologies to those localities without a
Ryan's). Until now, there has been one old-timer shrimp in the tank, and
never touched the riccia.

Anyway, I removed the little cockroaches to another tank where they
could do little or no damage.

My questions: 1) Did the store inadvertently provide me with some evil,
riccia-eating shrimp? 2) Or do algae-eating shrimp occasionally turn

Thanks for any help.