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Re: Commercial liquid fertilizers

>     I recently tried using a commercial liquid fertilizer in my 75 gallon (pH
> 6.8, GH 5, KH 3, with CO2 injection) heavily planted tank. As I understand
> it, the problem with commercial fertilizers is the high level of phosphorus
> than causes algae blooms. Well, I don't have a problem with algae, so I
> thought I'd try it. Still no algae, but I did suffer a significant fish die
> off. I had also just put on new lights, added wild collected plants, and

I'm not sure what kind of fertilizer you are talking about, but many plant
fertilizers not meant for aquaria contain high amounts of ammonia and/or
urea (which turns into ammonia).  I added about 5ml of a hydroponics
fertilizer to a empty tank, and the ammonia reading was off the chart,
over 100ppm.   NASTY NASTY STUFF!