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plant requests

As i wait for AZ Aquatics to have what I would lke I thought I'd just ask 
around.  Does anyone have any of the following plants that they would be 
willing to sale (or donate)?

I would like some Hydrocot. leucocephala (or verticillata), Eleocharis 
acicularis (hairgrass), Hygro. corymbosa (Siamensis or Stricta), and some 
Shinneria rivularis (mexican oak).  I would rather just purchase from one 
supplier, but would be willing to take different shipments if it didn't kill 
me in postage costs.
Oh, and I'd love to get my hands on some Rotalla wallachi and maybe even a 
Nympaea zenkeri bulb.!!!!
Any responses can be made to me directly.
Thanks in advance,

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