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Re: Observations (dropping pH/KH)

> Each 17 milligram of NH3 that's nitrified can destroy 61 millgrams of
> bicarbonate.  If you don't change the water, then nitrification can rather
> quickly consume all of the alkalinity in poorly buffered water.

Yup, that's probably what's going on.  I wasn't giving the 29g tank the
attention and work it needed.....

> If you fertilized the 10 gallon tank with a nitrogen fertilizer with
> ammonia or urea then nitrification might explain the drop in KH in the 10
> gallon tank.  In my experience, plants don't use much bicarbonate unless
> the light is fairly bright, so if you didn't add ammonia or urea you might
> need to look for some other acidifying influence that could drop the Kh.

Yes, In the plant-only tank, I use a hygroponics fertilizer that does
contain ammonia/urea.  Also use a soil/peat substrate, rich in organics. 
I decided to experiment on the tank, since it was only meant to be temporary,
and wouldn't have any fish.

Thanks for the clarification... it makes much sense!