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Commercial liquid fertilizers

>    I recently tried using a commercial liquid fertilizer in my 75 gallon (pH 
>6.8, GH 5, KH 3, with CO2 injection) heavily planted tank. As I understand 
>it, the problem with commercial fertilizers is the high level of phosphorus 
>than causes algae blooms. Well, I don't have a problem with algae, so I 
>thought I'd try it. Still no algae, but I did suffer a significant fish die 
>off. I had also just put on new lights, added wild collected plants, and 
>added some new fish, so I wasn't sure what the source of the problem was. The 
>fish showed no signs of disease, just convulses some and were (mostly) found 
>dead in the morning. I did turn off the CO2 at night, just in case that was 
>the problem. I did a large water change and nothing else has died. 
>    My question is: Is there anything else in commercial fertilizers that is 
>particularly harmful to fish? The bottle says not to use on grasses that 
>animals feed on due to the Molybdinum content, but the Mo content is only 
>.001%. Any thoughts.

I can only offer annecdotal evidence.

First, since xmas I've been trying the new fertilizer Hagen is
distributing. I like it, it seems to work well. No problems with
algae or fish deaths.

About 10 years ago I used to use "plant tabs" on reccommendation
from Mike Trzosdhsd-whats-his-name from Deleware Aquatics. In
one 15 gallon tank I had about 3 young killies (A. gardneri)
and a huge stand of hygrophiia that I'd stuff aplant tab in
every couple of weeks or so. When I moved I took a loot of
my stuff to a local pet store who's owenr I knew pretty
well. He put that pot of Hygo in a tank with a large number
of cardinals at his home. My morning half were dead.

So I dunno. My fish were fine and it was too fast to be
a disease so I can only assume it was some sort of chemical

What commercial fertilizer where you using?

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