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Commercial liquid fertilizers

    I recently tried using a commercial liquid fertilizer in my 75 gallon (pH 
6.8, GH 5, KH 3, with CO2 injection) heavily planted tank. As I understand 
it, the problem with commercial fertilizers is the high level of phosphorus 
than causes algae blooms. Well, I don't have a problem with algae, so I 
thought I'd try it. Still no algae, but I did suffer a significant fish die 
off. I had also just put on new lights, added wild collected plants, and 
added some new fish, so I wasn't sure what the source of the problem was. The 
fish showed no signs of disease, just convulses some and were (mostly) found 
dead in the morning. I did turn off the CO2 at night, just in case that was 
the problem. I did a large water change and nothing else has died. 
    My question is: Is there anything else in commercial fertilizers that is 
particularly harmful to fish? The bottle says not to use on grasses that 
animals feed on due to the Molybdinum content, but the Mo content is only 
.001%. Any thoughts.