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RE:Newbie with the ten gallon tanks

>Hi everyone, I joined this for help with starting plants in my tanks.
>    Due to space limitations I must confine myself to two ten gallon tanks 
>(Sigh).  I have been operating so far with the standard fluorescent hood, 
>one bulb 13watts.  I am not able to grow anything with this except 
>Apontogeton ulvaceus.  I want to keep everything neat and tidy because the 
>tanks sit in my living room.  My last option would be to add another 
>striplight, but I have two other options that I'd like to run by everyone 
>first.  At Aquarium hobbyist Supply (www.ahsupply.com) I found an upgrade 
>kit to boost my striplight to standard compact with the options of two 5000 
>K or 6400 K bulbs.   I also found Standard Compact Electronic Bulbs made by 
>GE, their specs are:  Fluorescent bulb, screw in socket, 700 lumens, 15 
>watts, a life of 6000 hours.  I can fit two of these bulbs in an old 
>incandescent hood. In a trial run the produce a very yellow light, rather 
>Here are my questions:
>1.  Which of these systems (if any)would allow a wider range of plants a 
>better life?
>2.  Would the kit from AH produce a whiter light?
>3.  Is a white light achievable when growing plants?

Try using those cheap under/above the sink 15 watt FL fixtures for the ten
gallon tank. They are cheap about 5-6 $ each and you add up to
three(4.5watts a gallon) on most ten gallon full hoods. You can make a
simple wooden box to set over the tank and paint to suit. Home Depot will
even cut the wood for you if you have one around your neck of the woods.
Simply screw up the lights to the top. Use the Cool white bulbs that often
come with it. You can add a powerglow or a triton or a vita etc for color
for some extra spectral outputs but they aren't needed. There will be many
types of bulbs available for your tank by doing this. Your tank is 20 inches
long and the bulbs are 18 long so you'll also have great spread too. This is
very cheap and looks nice too.
Tom Barr