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Re: CO2 Questions

Wayne, how about one additional variable, temperature.

We moved a few months back and the 75 is now in a location that's in front
of a baseboard. The gentle heat rises up and warms the bottle. I'm getting
better production than I did at the old place where there was no gentle
warming source. Same yeast source, same sugar. The water is only slightly
different from the old place--softer at <1 gH and <1kH. I suspect that's not
a big factor, if it's even a factor at all.

I think it's the heat wafting up from the baseboard. After all, anybody
who's baked bread knows you use warm water to mix in with the yeast to
"wake" them up. The same thing is probably going on here.


Wayne Jones writes:

> It depends on a lot more factors than you might think. Things to consider are
> the strain of yeast, the method of hydrating the yeast, the amount of air left
> in the bottle, the size and shape of the bottle, the buffering capacity of the
> water, the temperature of the fermentation, the concentration of the sugar and
> the available nutrients.