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Re: Anubias spa

>I'm thinking of setting up a ten gallon plant-only tank as a "spa" for
>Anubias. My thought was to put in 2" of substrate, 3" of water, add 2W/gal
>lighting, cover the tank with a tight fitting hood and inject DIY CO2.
>I have a few questions:
>1) is there a risk of the plants being O2-limited at night if the ambient
>air was mostly CO2?

I agree that CO2 would have little benefit in an all Anubias tank. The
growth rate is so slow that very little CO2 would be used. Some hydroponic
systems run CO2 in the water for the roots of the plant, but these are
usually fast growing plants. I dont think it would make much difference in
the growth of Anubias.

>2) Is water circulation necessary or desirable?
I believe any planted tank benefits from circulation even if only at a
moderate flow. Even hydroponic systems have circulation. Anubias leaves do
not last very long if they get dryed out, particularly if it was grown
submerged originally. I would consider a mister or fogger once the leaves
are above the water.

>3) What kind of substrate would be best?
Anubias isnt very particular about any substrate as long as there is a
source of Fe. It will grow on a rock, wood, or free floating if there is Fe
in the water. I have grown it in sand, and fine or course gravel.

>4) What kind of fertilization would be best?
I use various substrate mineral tablets by each plant, and a general aquatic
plant fertilizer for the water...Tropica Mastergrow, Kent, Seachem

Robert Paul H