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Re: NFC: Re: California


Lots of NFC members there are breeding fishes, you might want to ask for
some babies of those grandfathered in fish. Another option is to contact
the fisheries department and tell them what you'd like to do they will
happy to help I'll bet.....

Good Luck and welcome aboard......

On Mon, 18 May 1998 08:11:21 -0700 packratt at pacbell_net writes:
>Hello Hy, Thank you for your reply.  I live in southern Santa Clara
>county (about 30 miles south of San Jose).  Recently, in an issue of 
>county 4-H publication, Robert Rice submitted an article about the
>Native Fish Conservancy and how great it would be for 4-H kids to
>explore.  I'm not sure what we could do in terms of collecting native
>fish for our aquariums but I thought that would be kind of neat. 
>Apparently that's not legal in California though.....So I'm really 
>to ideas on what to do and where to start.  Thanks again, Sue.

Robert Rice
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