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Re: NFC: Re: California

As are most laws in CA!!!!

I would not put fish in a garden pond if there was the slightest chance it
could overflow into anything but my backyard...and was told that I couldn't
keep any fish in an aquarium that could survive in CA waters!!   The way
the Fish and Game people talk it is illegal to buy koi or goldfish and put
them in a pond.  AKA people are illegal if they get/keep any killies that
could survive in the waters in CA ... ACA people are illegal if they
get/keep any cichlids that could survive in waters in CA...ALA people are
illegal if they keep....you get the idea.

Insanity reigns!

Dave Hall 
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> Subject: Re: NFC: Re: California
> Date: Sunday, May 16, 1999 3:53 AM
> Collecting laws in California seem a little anal retentive to me.
>                                                                       Moon