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Re: NFC: Re: California

packratt at pacbell_net wrote:

> Hello Hy, Thank you for your reply.  I live in southern Santa Clara
> county (about 30 miles south of San Jose).  Recently, in an issue of our
> county 4-H publication, Robert Rice submitted an article about the
> Native Fish Conservancy and how great it would be for 4-H kids to
> explore.  I'm not sure what we could do in terms of collecting native
> fish for our aquariums but I thought that would be kind of neat.
> Apparently that's not legal in California though.....So I'm really open
> to ideas on what to do and where to start.  Thanks again, Sue.

Is it legal to catch the fish, and then put them back?  Knowing kids, I
think they would find it just as neat to have a knowledgeable adult with
them to catch some fish, huddle around the find, and have someone talk a
little about what makes that fish so special and different from other
fish in the local waterway.  And then put him back in the water.  That,
too, I think would do a lot to *show* kids how important it is that all
of those fish have a continued presence in the local waterways.