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Re: NFC: Moveing to Gainesville...NFC swat teams

robert a rice wrote:
> I think I can handel it solo....Keep in mind I m the guy that once took
> 1000 plus pounds of donated pool cloine that had gotten hard and was
> unsaleable and applied it to a Ciclid invested private  lake  (ok pond)
> near gainesville the resulting fish kill allowed us to do a total restock
> in a few weeks...It was fun to be so Naughty.......the old style
> chlorines evaporated in just a few days so it was fun fo all added h.
> formoso, lgoodie. lommata, l marginatus, e gloriousus and a few other
> little guys,....added plants and at last report it is a fun litle fishing
> lake with 4-5 species of bream and bas and they are all local florida
> species.........actually they were tilapia invaders ro be specific....
> Id think that in the future NFC swat teams might become a reality.....

You mean all I get is this neat story? Shoot. I was sure I had won a trip to
Disney World!


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