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Re: NFC: Re: California

packratt at pacbell_net wrote:

> I recently joined the NFC with the hope of finding information and/or
> help with starting a 4-H project on native fish here in California.  Can
> anybody out there help me?????????
> Sue Padgett
> Rucker 4-H
> Packratt at pacbell_net

  Dear Sue,

     Check with the county 4-H agent and find out who handles their aquatic
science program. Contact that person and see what you can do to promote
natives with that group. What I have done, here in Indiana, is take the
aquatic science kids on a collecting trip. I did this to make them aware of
the other local fish that can be legally caught. I also stress the legal
part of collecting. Do not want to teach them to break the law. The creek
stomp went well and I think the parents had as much fun as the kids. The
parents were more surprised at the different fish that live in the creeks.
You can also do a talk on basic aquarium maintance. You could have the older
setup an aquarium at the library with native fish in it. These are some
hope they help.

    A fish addict,
   Bill Flowers

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