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NFC: Flagfish

I recently purchased some Flagfish (Jordanella floridae) from a local
fish store.  These are beautiful, stubby, little killies native to the
Florida peninsula.

I had never seen these fish for sale in a store, but perhaps this is due
to my western location.  I got the impression from the storekeeper that
they didn't sell very well, as they were not as "pretty" as the platies
and swordtails in the adjacent tanks...  Whatever.  Just bag 'em and tag
'em, please!

These are stunning fish.  The females have a handsome snakeskin sort of
pattern, and the males have bright orange horizontal stripes.  I was
particulary attracted to them because they reminded me of the sheepshead
minnows I used to catch in Maryland, but more colorful.

I haven't heard any mention about these fish on the list.  Does anyone
else see them for sale in stores?  Perhaps they more common than I
realize?  Does anyone have any experience they would like to share about
these little guys?


Christian C. Burke
mailto:cburke.fish-head at worldnet_att.net