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Re: NFC: tales of a newbie native keeper (red shiners)

Tony wrote:

> Out of curiosity, what do you mean by "pre-soaked Tetra Bits?"

Hi Tony.  Tetra Bits is actually the name of the food, made by Tetra. 
Tetra Bits are very small pellets that sink, but not too quickly (hence
they are good for fishes that hang out in the middle layers).  For some
reason they are not very popular so they are hard to find at the LFS if
they have them at all.  But they are so well suited to so many fishes
that I prefer it over flake food in most cases.

As some fish have a tendency to gorge themselves on food, it is not a
bad idea to soak these pellets in some water for a little while before
putting them in the tank.  Otherwise they will soak up water *after*
being eaten and thus swell up and potentially rupture the fishes
digestive tract if they ate enough.


Chris Hedemark
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