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NFC: LIst Survey

-> 1:  What sublists do you belong to?

About half of them.
-> 2:  Did you know we had all these sublists?

-> 3:  Do  you know the address for Santa Claus?  If so, what is it, and 
-> why do I get so much coal?

Yes I do and I ain't telling.   You miss WV as much as Moonman.
-> 4:  Where you previously aware that I was list administrator?

-> 4b: If not, have you ever wanted to contact the list admin. and not 
-> known how?
-> 5:  Have you ever thought you should have contacted the list 
-> administrator and not done so?

-> 5b: If so, why?  (Feel free to generalize this.)
-> 5c: If not, have you ever contacted the list admin. or someone else 
-> with a problem, and if so what was it?
-> 6:  Are frequent "non member submission's" (I.e., mail I fwd onto 
-> the list) a problem to you?

-> 7:  Are attachments a problem?

-> 8:  Would you like to see a FTP site for attachemnts (esp. id this 
-> fish questions) to be uploaded to?     Such a site may become a 
-> victim of SPAM or unwanted files reaching it.
-> Would you a: Like to see it stay open?  b: Like me to work harder by
-> 'screening' uploads and then sending them on myself?  c: Like someone 
-> to just screen and delete junk from it?     Would you visit such a 
-> site at all?

Yes, just no pics of cameroon.
-> 9:  Would you like to see the reposted articles added to a FTP site 
-> like that?

-> b: SHould new ones still be sent to lists?
-> 10:  Should I be given a stipend with whcih to buy a new computer 
-> with?

I think its only fair that Luke buys you one, since he forgot how to use
 -> 11:  Would you like to see the NFC get a server and/or domain to   ->
contain its mailing lists? -> b: web page?  -> c: E-mail addy's of
"staff?" -> 

12: Do you find cross posts to the lists excessive (i.e.,
mail to  -> sunfish and NFC, etc.) ?   

 They are excessive but it gives my delete finger something to do hehe.
 13: If so, any suggestions on
fixing it?  

 have fewer lists.
 14: Any suggestions for the web-life of NFC at all?
I would like to see newly added articles and links id'd as being new.
Especially the articles .... it can be really hard to tell if I have
read them before.

   -> 15:
Will lisab at netrover_com (LisaBabe) go out with me next Friday?

I consulted with Lisa's mom on this and she said .... not on your life.

-> 16: Do
you believe in a corrolation between flavour and colour of  -> M&M's? 

NO I savour them all before I devour them hehe