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Re: NFC: tales of a newbie native keeper (red shiners)

> As some fish have a tendency to gorge themselves on food, it is not a
> bad idea to soak these pellets in some water for a little while before
> putting them in the tank.  Otherwise they will soak up water *after*
> being eaten and thus swell up and potentially rupture the fishes
> digestive tract if they ate enough.

Now that you mention it, I do seem to remember Tetra-bits hitting the
market many moons ago. I used to work at the LFS back then, but if
something wasn't geared toward saltwater tanks back then, I wasn't very
interested in it. Anyway, pre-soaking them sounds like good advice.

On a side note, I do remember the LFS I worked at getting regular
shipments of red shiners for a while. They sold quite well so I don't
know why we evenyually stopped selling them. However, not being able to
find any info on them, I asked my boss about their origins. He told me
they came from China! :-)