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NFC: tales of a newbie native keeper (red shiners)

Howdy folks,

Was really happy today to see a box marked "Live Fish" at my front door
today (thanks, Sajjad!)  It contained a nice pineapple swordtail, plus
three "red shiners".

Now this is my first real attempt at keeping non-game natives (I've kept
native gamefish in the past as a kid but never gave much thought to the
non-game species).  Was just hoping that maybe some of you have worked
with red shiners before and wouldn't mind brain dumping on the list
about your experiences & observations of this fish.

I must say, these three fish colored up and acclimated without missing a
beat. It's only been a matter of hours and I had to cut short their
eating binge of spirulina and pre-soaked Tetra Bits.  I would have
expected the swordtail to handle the move better since it's probably
been 30 years or more since that particular fish's ancestors could be
traced back to wild roots.  But the swordtail has steadfastly refused
food (though is really showing off and posturing quite a bit), while the
shiners take advantage of the clean water and free food.


Chris Hedemark
Email: chris at yonderway_com   ICQ: 28986378
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