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Daphina newbi question....

Hi all...
I have been reading this months posts (I joined but havent received any mail 
I am wondering what size container I should keep the daphina in. I have a 
culture on the way. Is it okay to use the 2 liter soda bottles rinsed really 
well? do they need an airstone going in the bottle? I figure to have 3 
bottles going for a constant supply and of course the greenwater culture in 2 
liter bottles as well. I understand the need to add water slowly. but I dont 
have an extra fish tank so the bottles is really easy for me to keep them and 
the kiddies seperated. Any specific instructions would be great..
Thank you and I will get back to reading the archives.

Take care

Vicky100 at aol_com
MSM-VBL425 at hotmail_com